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High Performance: whether you are looking for it in a muscle car, tuning your import street racer, drifting, or to make your luxury ride different from the pack, when you're a performance junkie like us.... you always want more! Faster acceleration, better cornering, tightening your braking distance, or quicker laps around the track are just a few of the items we all search for to bring the peak performance to our rides.  Doesn't matter if it came with 700hp from the factory, we are always looking for ways to bring more power to the street or track. That's where we come in. We feel the need for speed just like you do, and for the past 72 years Crown Auto Performance has done just that as the oldest source in the Midwest for providing the best high performance parts that help our clients reach and exceed their horsepower goals, stop on a dime and handle like the car is on rails.   If you're looking for the same things we do in every ride we own, then select your ride from the vehicle selection drop down and search all of the performance car parts and truck performance upgrades we have available for you today.

We have performance upgrades to make your ride breathe better like cold air intakes, turbo kits, superchargers and programmers. Just as the air coming in is important to horsepower so is the air leaving as well, so check out our huge selection of performance exhaust systems, headers and exhaust parts.  We carry only the best sounding exhaust systems to meet your needs and thrill of power to the ears.  Lastly, lets not forget style.  Be it a body kit, lowering the suspension or interior accessories we have you covered. So start browsing for more details on - www.crownautoperformance.com